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Whittier Real Estate

Denver, Colorado

Whittier’s beautiful, tree-lined streets are located two miles northeast of Lower Downtown. The neighborhood is bounded on the north and south by MLK Blvd and 23rd Avenue, and on the east and west by York Street and Downing Street.

Whittier is named for a school formerly located at 24th Avenue and Downing St. which was named after John Greenleaf Whittier (1807-1892), an abolitionist poet and a founding member of the American Republican political party. Given the philosophy of Whittier, the neighborhood was ethnically integrated from its inception.

Today, the Whittier neighborhood is ethnically diverse. A combination of proximity to downtown, parks and a public golf course in addition to a housing stock of early twentieth century homes of craftsman architecture at reasonable prices is driving an influx of young professionals and their families to the Whittier neighborhood.

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