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Washington Park Real Estate

Denver, Colorado

Washington Park is a neighborhood and public urban park in Denver, Colorado. Washington Park is a beautiful blend of historic and contemporary styles of architecture. Its historic buildings, lakes, tennis courts, lawns, large flower gardens, and recreation center provide a wonderful experience for visitors.

The park was first developed by Architect Reinhard Scheutze in 1899. Its design was influenced by city planner Kessler, the Olmstead Brothers and the famous philanthropist “The Unsinkable” Molly Brown. The park is quite popular amongst local people of Denver and attracts many tourists every year. Apart from activities like jogging, walking or biking, the park serves as a center for social activities and encourages community involvement. Due to its welcoming appearance and unique characteristics, Washington Park was designated as one of the “Great Public Spaces in America” by the American Planning Association in the year 2012.

Washington park is called “Wash Park” by locals. The area is separated in to two districts, West Wash Park and East Wash Park. West Wash Park is roughly the area bounded by Broadway up to the park itself. East Wash Park is from the Park, going east, to University blvd.

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