Homes for Sale in Sloan’s Lake

Sloans Lake Homes For Sale

Denver, Colorado

Sloan’s Lake is located on the western edge of Denver’s city limits, adjacent to the suburbs of  Lakewood,  Edgewater  and Wheat Ridge. The approximate boundaries are Sheridan Boulevard to the west, 17th Avenue to the south, Raleigh St. to the east, and 26th Avenue to the north. There are no tributary rivers to the lake. The true history of the creation of Sloan’s Lake may never be officially known, but during the settlement of the Denver area in the mid to late 19th century, the lake did not exist. A road connecting Denver and the western suburb of Golden crossed through where Sloan’s Lake is now. A homesteader named Thomas F. Sloan received a patent for the land from US President Andrew Johnson in December 1866. He used the land for agricultural purposes, farming, raising cattle and “boarding” travelers. A commonly accepted legend states that Sloan dug a grave on the land, inadvertently tapping into an underground aquifer, and that when he awoke the next morning, part of his farm land was covered in water.

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