Homes for Sale in Union Station / Lower Downtown

LoDo Real Estate

Denver, Colorado

Union StationLoDo makes up the Lower Downtown area of Denver, Colorado and the oldest, original settlement of the city. LoDo possesses an interesting mix of old and new homes with a back drop of beautiful mountains. The neighborhood has undergone a significant renaissance, bringing revitalization to community.

Real Estate in the neighborhood often showcases idyllic locations and particularly unique styles of Victorian architecture. In fact, the neighborhood, itself includes the largest collection of Victorian architecture in the U.S.. Larimar Square as a prime example is the hub of victorian architecture in Denver as well as LoDo itself.

LoDo is ideally located right on the 16th Street mall. The neighborhood also resides within walking distance to Coors Field and Sports Authority Field football stadium, beautiful Cherry Creek Trail, nearby parks, and downtown attractions. In addition, the mix-use historic district of LoDo comes replete with popular dining, shopping, art galleries, and nightlife hubs.

Revitalization has made many new residential options available to those interested in the neighborhood. Desirable selections, including completely remodeled and refurbished properties make a significant statement in quality and livability. From luxury condos and lofts to single family real estate, LoDo real estate offers something to suit nearly anyone’s fancy, whatever the choice.

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