Homes for Sale in Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill Real Estate

Denver, Colorado


Capitol HillCapitol Hill is located just southeast of Denver’s Central Business District (CBD) in a well-established residential neighborhood, with commercial centers located along major traffic routes (such as Colfax Avenue and Broadway) and interior arterials (such as East 13th and 14th Avenues). The neighborhood is directly east of the  Colorado State Capitol. Over 95% of this neighborhood is developed. The average year of construction for buildings is 1920, with some of the oldest single-family homes in the city. The characteristics of Capitol Hill are closely related to other east Denver neighborhoods, which include the hospital district and the North Capitol Hill neighborhood.

Capitol Hill is Denver’s most densely populated neighborhood. It was once the home of Denver’s elite and origination of Foursquare architecture in Denver. Today it consists of historic mansions, apartments and condo buildings. Because of the concentration of multi-family uses and the urban character of the neighborhood, parking is at a premium. The area is strongly influenced by the Colorado State Capitol and Downtown Denver which is adjacent to the northwest boundary of the neighborhood.

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